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are you taking on new clients?


Do you have a Minimum?

Yes - for weddings & on-site installations.  There's no minimum for events that don't require on-site installation and there's no minimum for weddings that don't require personal flowers (bouquets, corsages, head wreaths, etc.) or on-site installations.

Why?  I demand an answer!!

Keep your socks on!  We have a minimum for weddings and on-site installs because they're demanding on our time and resources in a way that is wholly more involved than an event which requires no on-site installation, can be planned over a couple of emails or a phone call, and can be delivered and set-up by one strong, capable person.

Can you work with a tight budget?

Tight budgets are a given, but sometimes we do need to realign your expectations to fit within your budget!  

Can you recreate this photo?

No way.  Photos are inspiration only.

What flowers will you use?

Gorgeous, fresh, beautiful ones that coordinate with your theme and are available and healthy the week of your event. 

What flowers won't you use?

Old, ugly ones, imported ones, flowers that aren't in season, flowers that stink, etc.  We want it to look good, (maybe even more than you do!!) so we'll be sure it does.

Will I like my flowers?

It depends.  If you like our portfolio, you've done your research, and you feel you can trust us, then it's more than highly likely.  If you're not sold on our portfolio, don't trust online reviews, and/or are suspicious of the minimum, you may have an unpleasant experience - but you'll probably still like your flowers.

how do i know you understand & can pull off my aesthetic?

We've acquired an expertise in the field and we're solid communicators.  If we feel unclear or uncertain about something we'll let you know.  What you see on our portfolio is our favorite stuff, but we've done all styles & all color combos.  If you want us to create something we've never done before, we'll be sure we can do it before we accept the challenge.

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what is your business philosophy?

Don't engage negative energy, be a loving, supportive team, use your blinkers and take pride in producing good work, on time.  We've got to earn a living, but we value experiences over financial conquests. 

what is your Personal Aesthetic?

For examples (sic), check out our portfolio!  We also like Day of the Dead, but only incorporate this into the design upon request.

why should we work together?

Because you've studied our portfolio, because you like what you see, because you like our reviews, because you like our aesthetic, and because you feel confident we will provide you with the organic, seasonal and beautiful arrangements you're hoping for!